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Why we Choosing Chatham-kent

We opens Thai restaurant in his new hometown

We earned enough money to open his own restaurant, we chose to return to Chatham-Kent. “The people here were very friendly and helpful. I remembered that” while serving jasmine tea in this establishment, Rice and Noodle Restaurant, and We remembered David Lung, who owned the Chinese restaurant which used to occupy the space. Lung was ready to sell his business and Zeng was sure restaurant patrons in Chatham-Kent were ready for something new and different.
We are love for food and his restaurant patrons is immediately apparent. We take pleasure in preparing dishes that people will enjoy and customers quickly become treated as old friends.

“Staring a business can be difficult,” Especially with the additional challenges of being new to a community and the occasional difficulty with the English language but., “a lot of people helped me get started.”

After four months of business, We are pleased and says he wouldn’t have been as successful without the help of the Chatham-Kent Business Enterprise Centre.

When he came to the Grand Avenue office to register his business name with the provincial government, Jana Green, Entrepreneurship Development officer, led We through all the licenses and registrations he would need to get started.

“When I opened, she came to my restaurant and checked in with us. “, adding,” in bigger cities, you may not get help like that from government”.